Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ASL in the mainstream, ASL in the Christream....

OK so welcome to my new blog affectionately called Deaf Baptist. I am not a big blogger but if you see something noteworthy for deafread.com to pick up then, by all means send it up.

My first post is going to be about Darren Hayes and his video "Crash and Burn". Now before you think yeah all of that was make up and crack up his nose I can guarantee you that yes he was pale in real life because he has a long term virus that makes him well exhausted. He woke up the prior day with a fever well over 100 and feeling like he had been hit by a truck. So he was taken to a doctor and was ordered to cancel the taping of his visit to the Jay Leno show. Being the trooper that he is, he refused and the show went on. The next day was the taping for the video "Crash and Burn" and as you can see in his eyes he looks like he could crash and burn at any moment due to his ongoing illness.

The video itself was taped using alot of extras and Darren was only in a few clips. At the end of the video Darren completely stops singing the chorus and SIGNS it, wooho! (Lets hear it for ASL!) This is very moving for me in a sense that this is one of my favorite songs by far. Now before you ask - "But your deaf! how do you enjoy music?" I am actual Hard of Hearing or HH as its coded amongst the deaf. I can hear enough to enjoy music but I prefer music without words since I cant enjoy the lyrics anyhow. But Darrens voice is high enough that I can enjoy the lyric as it carries quie well over the music enough that I can hear. Now as for me I can sign as well and I am currently working on the ASL to Amazing Grace, I have already completed the ASL for "Here I am to Worship". I will give credit where credit is due, first to God and partly to Darren for giving me the idea - instead of having music to words - do just an instrumental and use signs instead. I think this will be very moving. Because everyone knows the words to Amazing grace - they will be able to follow the harmony and follow the signs.

Anyway back to the main part of this post -- the video clip of Darren Signing the chorus to Crash and Burn. Also if anyone knows where I can obtain a GIF clip of this please let me know it would be greatly appreciated.


Bot said...

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DixieDawg said...

thanks for the link - I plan on making a larger post later on with research about common misconceptions of all denominations including my own - Baptist, as well as LDS and Catholics.