Thursday, August 16, 2007

Forget YouTube when youve got GodTube! (sense the sarcasm)

Now I may be Southern and Baptist but that dont make me Southern Baptist and on top of all of that, I am not a fan of religious knockoffs of certain sites, brands, TV shows, etc. For one, it never works. Rule number one - dont copy - get something original going.

Now to my main point - GodTube. This is a ridiculous knockoff of for religious nut jobs that insist that everything they own must be from a Christian - based store, if it does not come from a LifeWay or other large Christian franchise it is of the Devil and must never ever be entered into or touched.

Now bfore you get all riled up and think - I thought you were a churchgoer, why are bashing Christians? Let me put it out there for ya - Im not bashing anyone except those that take Christianity too far to the point that it is no longer a religion but a cult and a way to control things that are beyond their control and to control others by luring them in with Godliness that is based on 99% works and very little faith.

Now I think this is mostly a knock-off YouTube (YT from here on out) that is to become the TBN of the internet. Who knows we may see our next Tammy Faye and Jim Baker come out of this GodTube (GT from here on out). Ive not watched any of the videos yet but from what I have seen alot of this stuff is Catholic based. Nuffin'wrong with that - God takes all kinds. But I hope they dont start putting up huge banners saying the more money you donate the more blessings you'll receive while we two pocket the cash for ourselves so we can go vacation in Cancun every summer while you still live your miserable life in a run down trashed out trailer in Holler County, Arkansas. Uh huh Jims in jail Tammy's dead - boy they retired well didnt they???

Like the Bakkers this will start off with good healthy intentions then they start getting distracted, then derailed, and finally off into the ditch and hanging precariously close to losing it all before they realize they've fed themselves the rope, they're hung and its over. Whoever the creators are of this GT need to remind themselvs daily no matter how popular the site is, it will never be mainstream, the money may be better than flipping burgers at McDonald's, but like the site, the money should not be for themselves but for Him.

Its amazingly odd how one can get lost in Church and end up leaving to save themselves. I did that. I got too involved, too close, and ended up losing myself in a negative way that caused me to pursue Godliness in an unhealthy way. Do I blame it entirely on the church? Absolutely not, but the magical thing about it all is that in all reality we have an understanding God that says - when we lose our caringness and generosity, He holds our hands and says He understands our pain. I do however blame it on the people that were mis-managing, and conducting themselves unbecoming of the Gospel that they took an oath to uphold. When this happens people are driven away from the church.

In my own conduct I know and understand that there are times that even I am unbecoming of a Christian that I say I am. I curse (as a matter of fact cursed in the house of God yesterday - oops - Jamie wont know....shhhhhhhhhhhh - it was accidental. Tim wil vouch for me, lol.

Back to my main point. We dont need to go out beating people over the heads with the Bible, we dont need to go around banging on peoples doors and the firt thing we ask are you a Christian? Personaly if you come to my house and I dont know who you are and you start preaching to me right off - it is a big turnoff, you'll have a red nose from the door being slammed in your face. I have done it once before, I would not be surprised if I did it again. What worked in the 70's and 80s no longer work. Religion and truth are relative in todays society. GodTube is another variation of this seems like. ou cant preach like you did 20 years ago and expect the same results is all Im saying. If you really want to reach out to the lost - be their friend first and foremost. If they show an interest in church, feed that interest but dont shove it in. If they are going through a rough patch - tell them you are thinking of them - but also pray for them as well. Dont just sit and pray for 20 years and expect something to happen, sometimes when you keep praying and praying and nothing happens -- thats God telling you to get off your fanny and actually do something useful.

Spend time with people OUTSIDE your comfort zone - eventually your zone actually EXPANDS and yor actions around these people and for these people will speak volumes of the person that you are. No witnessing required.

GodTube is a mockery of the Christian sub-culture that says we are too pure and holy for the world so we create our own fantasy world, so we can stay out of the real world. We dont watch secular news because its Devil fed. We dont buy secular books because they promote witch craft. We will continue to put the Mormon church under Cult Groups in our bookstores because we have our own view of what a person should or should not believe.

(Im personally not a Mormon nor do I agree with their doctrines, I do however have friends in the Mormon church and are actually quite levelheaded).

GT - is basically the TBN of the internet - flip through it without a second thought and you'll be better off without it - Christian or not.