Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bob's House

It is been released in the last few days that PepsiCo will be sponsoring an ad during the Super Bowl pre-game show that will utilize ASL and features a joke that is popular in the Deaf Community. Here is the press release below followed by a link to the video found on PepsiCo's website.

PepsiCo Brings Silent Ad to Super Bowl

If a television commercial airs on Super Bowl Sunday and no one hears it, does it make a sound?

(Photo: Newscom Search )

On Sunday, February 3, television viewers will be checking their volume controls when PepsiCo airs a 60-second commercial filmed in American Sign Language (ASL), with open-captioned text for the benefit of all viewers. The spot was created by and features PepsiCo employees who are members of EnAble, an employee network whose mission is to promote a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities. Slated to air on the pre-game show on FOX, the commercial features Pepsi-Cola and Lay's Potato Chips, but its real mission is to bring awareness of the American deaf community to a wider audience. PepsiCo also will sponsor the closed captioning of FOX's entire Super Bowl broadcast.

"The outpouring of support for this ad, both internally and externally, has been overwhelming," said Clay Broussard, PepsiCo employee and project lead on Bob's House. "This is one way we can give back through what we call Performance with Purpose. It's part of a larger effort to make PepsiCo the defining corporation of the 21st century. By bringing the world an ad performed by deaf employees in ASL, we feel like we've already scored the upset on Super Bowl Sunday."

Broussard and a handful of PepsiCo employees, each with their own personal connection to the American deaf community, set off to create a commercial with a deaf focus and broad appeal. Despite having little or no experience in advertising, the group came up with the concept, wrote the script, and then acted it out, sharing a demo tape with their colleagues. The demo tape generated internal buzz and quickly gained support from PepsiCo senior management, which immediately saw the commercial's potential and decided it needed a big stage. Naturally, they chose the biggest stage possible - Super Bowl Sunday.

Broussard appears in the commercial along with PepsiCo colleagues Sheri Christianson, Darren Therriault and Brian Dowling. Titled "Bob's House," the theme is based on a popular joke in the deaf community. PepsiCo also consulted with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) to ensure the message was on target.

"The NAD applauds PepsiCo for its strong commitment to diversity and creation of this exciting ad in ASL with its employees. This ground-breaking ad will heighten cultural awareness by millions of viewers during Super Bowl Sunday," said Bobbie Beth Scoggins, president of the NAD.

The commercial opens with two friends (Therriault and Dowling) driving together in a car at night, on the way to their friend Bob's house to watch a football game. They are stopped on a suburban street where all the houses are dark, with no porch lights or inside lights on. The driver (Dowling) is not sure which house is their friend's. Communicating in ASL, the two friends blame each other for not knowing Bob's house number. Suddenly, the driver has an idea. He begins honking the horn repeatedly as he slowly drives down the block. Instantly, lights flash on in all of the houses except one - Bob's - the only house unaffected by the noise.

"Bob's House" was produced by Harvest and directed by the company's co- founder, award-winning director Baker Smith. It came to life thanks to the cooperation of BBDO-NY, which supported the idea and agreed to create the commercial for no profit, and OMD, which secured a valuable pre-game time slot and accepted no commission for its efforts.

To view the video please click here

I am very happy to see a popular brand willing bring awareness of the deaf community to the mainstage, this could once again further help the hearing to understand that we are not dumb, just deaf and unable to hear. Way to go PepsiCo! (Although I admit I am a Coke-Cola drinker)

Friday, January 25, 2008

deafbaptist has a new look!

Some of you may have noticed the new layout for deafbaptist. Its not a custom skin but it is a different template offered by blogger. If I actually knew CSS and HTML code I wouldnt mind creating a skin thats entirely my own creation, but thus I dont so here we are.

I hope you find this layout easier to navigate and more appealing to the eye. I hope to add more features in the future as things progress and time becomes available.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wow - what a coincidence or wait - God's back from His vacation!

Ok to give you a quick rundown, I joined a weight loss group at church (and yes it is church based) and there are mostly older women there - actually Im the youngest one in the group - with only one other woman in my age range there.

Well me and her are in the same Sunday school class but everytime I try to be nice to her it is like she brushes me off like I am not worth her time or in some cases - I shouldnt even be there. I can't understand why or even how - but that's the vibe Ive been getting from her like she wants nothing do with me.

So I dont worry about it anymore right? No problem. Time goes on and to be honest I had been getting this same reaction from her for such a long time that I start thinking - man she's a stuck up @#$%^! Still no problem, but then she begins to treat me as stupid in a sense - ha- no more, I start poking back at her. And up to this point its quite obvious to others that we clearly do not like each other for whatever reason (and Im not even sure what the reason is either!)

So I joined this group and oh my she's in it too! I thought OK thats fine, I can deal with this. Then she parades around that she's lost the most weight - and Im quietly flogging myself for failing and having gained weight rather than lost it. (feminine problems)

Then come time to pick a partner for the week at random - and UGH its HER! I thought oh boy this is one of those times where it seems like its pulled directly from one of those cheesy Chicken Soup for the Soul books. You get partnered with someone you really dont like but in the end you become really good friends, yeah one of those things. I thought OK fine - thats not a problem.

Well I didnt have her address or phone number so I wasnt able to get in contact with her and I actually felt kinda bad - I guess I could of asked for it from one her friends but I felt silly just thinking about it. So I did the next best thing - I prayed for her.

Then I saw her again this past week - it seems like she's started to warm up a bit (but not by much! lol)

And I checked the mail today - I got a card - yup you guessed it, it was from her.

Now I will say this - she cant be doing the bare minimum - because she could have just as easily sent a cheesy e-card. But she sent an actual card, I was like wow - something's going on here and Im really liking it! It also threw me off because I got an e-card from another person in the group and thought they drew my name from the pile. (not that it's any less appreciated - it made me grin!) And the fact that she's doing more for me than I did for her speaks volumes. Now that we have the names and addresses of the folks in the group listed on paper - I can return the favor and hope I get a chance to get it right when I get put with her again.

Are we friends? Nope. Are we accquaintenances? A little more. Are we human? We're getting there. I just hope that maybe we can get to the point that there isnt a block of ice between us at least.

But thats more than mysterious coincidence - I think God's back from His vacation, lol.

Monday, January 21, 2008

5K Bungled Up: Update

As you may be aware, the 1 mile fun walk/run that me and my DD did this past week got bungled up due to a lack of information and solid coordination with race staff.

My friend who is the race director realized his mistake Saturday night when tallying up the results for the media release of race results and realized his mistake. The next day, Sunday, my DD was presented with her medal for completing the race. There were two other entrants, but they did not complete the entire course and were awarded with only ribbons (and they were older than my DD I might add), but my daughter was awarded with a medal.

Way to go girl, you deserved it! I will post a picture of her proudly displaying her medal at a later date. Im just glad things worked out and the situation was made right.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Coming Out:

But not what you think!

It really is sad that parents would be in denial that their child may be deaf. When this occurs the child grows up not feeling valid for this reason because the parents dont feel the the child has a valid problem, and we all know that children seek out validity from their parents.

It is my hope that this video brings out a certain awareness that this can and sometimes does occur in real life situations. Hopefully with more deaf awareness going on, things like this would not be necessary.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Seek Dixie

In honor of SeekGeo - I am doing a SeekDixie photo:
And yes this is a shameless plug for him - for more on Geo please visit

Darren Hayes does a spoof of Britney Spears

Too funny!

Glad to know my man knows who's in the loony bin and who's not. Thank god he puts out real music and not just trash like Britney does.

5K Bungled Up

As some of you know I was going to do a 1 mile fun walk with my daughter as part of a 5K race here in town. Well all was fine until we crossed the finish line. My friend, John, who is the race director came up to me and asked, "Did you enter the 5K?"

"No, I entered my daughter into the 1 Mile Kids walk."

He then faces the timekeeper and says - scratch her off.

I was confused and like huh? I think it should have been quite obvious the way I was dressed that I clearly was not in the 5K portion of the race. But I was still confused as to why he would scratch my daughter's time off. I didnt think much of it until we had gone inside and my daughter was eating a snack provided by the race staff. Then someone tapped me on the shoulder and said "They are calling for the Kids walk now." I was like "What? We have already done it."

"But how?"

"We started with the other walkers."

"But the Kids race doesnt start until after the 5K race is over with."

"There was nothing specifying in the race entry form of when the kids race started, I assumed with the walkers. I guess they bungled it up didnt they?"

"I guess they did. You better get with John."

"I will, don't worry, I will."

To save myself from being embarrassed in front of several dozen people I gathered my daughter up and left. I thought that my daughter would recieve a trophy, but I am not going to make her do a race twice just to get an award for one race. I will get with John tomorrow during church and see if he will get it right and at least maybe if she doesnt get a trophy at least she gets something. (I was told all kids received an award for participating.)

I will also get with him about providing adequate race information. Most of the race officials did not even know which group was to turn where. Yes the main race is the 5K running division, but adeqaute information should be provided for ALL races and paces.

I believe since our race is getting more and more popular, the following should be included in a race packet:

race t-shirt
race number
entry form
race map
start times for individual races and paces.
directions to the race (this isnt a benefit for me since I am a local entrant, but for those who are from out of town)
and race rules (what will get you disqualified, etc.)
and local emergency numbers (if it is other than 911 or in some cases cell phones will not route to the local 911 but rather the cell phones local 911 - the city/county/state in which it was turned on in).

As of right now the entry form just states race directions and the start time of the 5K Running race. Also race staff should be better prepared to give information. All questions would not be answered until AFTER the race which defeats the whole purpose of asking about race directios, etc.

Dont get me wrong, John is a good guy, but isnt all there in certain areas. If I approach him nicely, I am sure he will make it right. But as for me instead of sitting on my tail and complaining about how this or that should have been done differently, I am going to offer to help with next year's race in getting is prepared and making sure the race staff is informed and better organized so that race participants, such as my daughter, are not left out of the loop with important information.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Year's Resolution number one: Resolve to keep my one resolution!

Ok so the new year has arrived and with it, hopes and dreams of doing things better in 2008.

Along with millions of others across the globe I have made the resolution to lose weight this year. And Ive been doing my homework. Studies show that people who are a part of a support group during a weight loss or diet are 20% more likely to lose the weight and 10% more likely to keep it off rather than gain it all back.

So with all of that said - - I have joined a weight loss group in hopes of finding the needed local support to lose weight. Only problem is I am off to a really bad start! I have been doing the bookwork and reading part just fine its the eating and excercise parts that are hard.

You see with my work schedule it is very hard to actually fit in the recommended meals they provide in the diet plan, and after work Im often so pooped from being on my feet all day that Im too exhausted to excercise.

But Im trying. Ive been using this first week to really take note of my eating habits and see where I can exchange for something better.

And as for excercise I plan on asking from the group if someone would be willing to be my walking buddy 2-3 days a week after work, and the other two days I can do my own routine such as dancing to eurodance music in the living room for an hour.

I really do want to lose weight I am now at the point that I simply do not look attractive in anything! To put it bluntly to have clothes that I feel comfortable in, I shop from the men's section since none of the ladies pants fit me properly (appearently short people cant be fat either!), and the tops do nothing except expose all of my unsightly rolls! There's nothing more embarrassing to see than a fat lady that looks like she's trying to be a hoochie momma! Im talking fat rolls hanging out along with the Hanes underwear where the low rise jeans dont rise high enough and you see nothing but crack and maybe a black hole when the woman sits down.

Now before all you jump on me, I know not every fat person is like this, but when I do see the occassional fat person dressing in this fashion, I cant help but feel disgusted because Im seeing things I dont wanna see and the person either A doesnt realize how ridiculous they look or B they dont care how ridiculous they look.

So for now my wardrobe is limited to jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, button shirts, and polos. The only real accessory I have are my hats in which I have one for nearly every occassion. (MPW hat, Avery hat, AE hat, EMS hat, Corona hat, and beanie)

I dont dress butch but rather I dress according to my own styles, like for instance black pants, burgundy shirt makes a good church outfit, and later the same burgundy button up can be paired with a matching sweater with steel grey accents and denim jeans for a more casual look.

I really do care about how I look. When Im going somewhere besides work I'll spen 20 minutes in the mirror perfecting my 'messy hair' until I get it just right.

But I just wish I were more in proportion to my height meaning Im at my ideal weight for my hieght so that I can expand on my wardrobe instead of wearing the same things over and over until I find something new that fits.

But for now my main resolution is resolving to keep my resolution about losing weight.

Wish me luck!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Splish Splash I was takin' a bath (humor)

I dont think I need to add anything more to this post:

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Good Enough?

This has not been a good weekend at all for me. For starters I had to work a full shift on Saturday. Then I cleared my schedule Saturday night for a blind date that would never happen - yup I got stood up.

As you know Im very tomboyish, and I have even been asked if I were lesbian or bisexual. But the more I think about the comments of people surrounding me and my own personal thoughts, could it be that Im simply not good enough for any hopes of companionship?

Its nothing gained so nothing lost - all it is, its become another stone for the wall Im building around my heart to protect it from being broken again.

There is someone I love, I mean I truly love, but I could never have them, NEVER.

And the more I reach back into the junkyard of my mind - the more I realize the most Ive been able to attract are real genuine losers - so it that I too am a loser? Winners attract winners, losers attract losers, its a crab theory of sorts.

Of course I feel like I can accomplish things in the academic and financial sense, but I simply cant accomplish much in the relationship area.

Am I so tomboyish to the point that I am butch? Sure theres a tiny part of me Im trying to hide - but its hanging out for all the world to see appearently. Im an open book.

Ive prayed about this, Ive thought about this, Ive asked about this. Im not sure what else I can do besides be me. Wearing make up is foreign, I prefer to grab a t-shirt, pants, jacket, ball cap and head out the door. But of course there was a time in my life where I didnt have money and makeup was out of the question.

Im 24 years old and I feel like Im having the same inner conflict of a 14 year old with more hormones floating in their body than they should.

Given my track record Ive come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as true love, at least not from what I have seen. Youre not going to find it on this earth that is for sure.

Im being me and Im a turnoff for alot of people. I just want someone to love me for me and not as a walking sex toy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

National Bill of Rights for Deaf Children

Now as you know I grew up mainstreamed, oralized, and what have you not while yet I am deaf/hard of hearing. While I did graduate high school, I have always felt that my overall educational expierience could have been much better as a deaf student in a mainstream classroom.

When I started school I was provided with a few 'accomodations' if that is what you want to call it, but it was quite ineffective actually. I was placed in the front row where I could 'speech read' (reading lips for the ones not well versed in deaf culture) but only problem is the teacher would walk around the room or would face the board at such an angle that speech reading is actually quite useless. And what really annoyed me was when the teacher would stand next to the window where all I could see was her silhouette, no facial features. So in most cases all I would get was the 'WAH WHAH WAH' speech often mimicked in the Charlie Brown cartoons.

I was consistently having trouble 'listening' in the classroom and regularly received low marks for this and thus would get in trouble for it at home. (I am the only deaf child in a hearing family)

In the 1991-1992 school year I was given an FM system in which I would wear a set of headphones and my teacher would wear a microphone so whenever she spoke would receive the instruction into my headphones. In this year I reall excelled. And I was finally on the honor roll for having good grades all year long and was called up to the stage to receive my academic achievement award just as my brother had always done. I felt extremely proud of myself for the first time.

Then the other students were 'jealous' of my extra attention and thus the FM system was no longer utilized to ensure that I got an equal opportunity to an education just as my peers had. In the 1992-1993 school year I was failing so badly that I was boderline having to repeat the grade. I was simply not able to hear and I was missing out on ALOT of information. I was continually in trouble for poor grades. Of course I was just a kid, I knew I was trying but I just didnt understand why I was failing as badly as I was. Looking back now as an adult - it is very clear really. I was simply shortchanged on my education based on the feelings of my peers. This is in violation of so many ADA and Civil Rights laws alone. Im curious as to why my parents didnt fight back to ensure I received a fair education. I think it had alot to do with the fact that my dad was an educator in the same school system and felt that he might lose his job if did fight the school board on this.

But it has been many years since the actual incident and many years since I completed high school. In my overall educational experience I honestly feel that my alma mater failed me in so many ways. Not only was my education put on the back burner, my safety was as well but that is for an entirely different post at another time. Lets just say I was often the victim of bullying as well. I was not treated well as a student of the public school system despite me being the child of an educator that taught in this same system.

This clearly shows that the public school system is not adequately informed nor adequately equipped to provide a fair education to deaf and hard of hearing students. They are more concerned with standards and test scores that they let students lose out on a quality education and also losing those in the cracks. It is bad enough to know that many deaf/hard of hearing students have not completed high school nor have a GED, but to outright ignore them for the other students is absolutely ludicrous. According to ADA laws - ALL STUDENTS REGARDLESS OF DISABILITY IS ENTITLED TO A FAIR ACCESS TO QUALITY EDUCATION UNDER THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM. This isnt limited to just deaf/hard of hearing students, but those who are blind, physically disabled, and those who have learning disabilities such as dyslexia, and those who are mentally handicapped in some form such as Down's Syndrome.

The National Association for the Deaf has listed a Bill of Rights for Deaf Students/Children. Here is the original posting as found on the NAD site:

While Im disappointed that my state does not currently have a bill of rights implemented for deaf student I am however glad that we do have an Educational Task Force for the Deaf in our state.

I myself cannot change my own educational experience within the public school system, but I can however help push to change the experience of those who may be set up in similar circumstances that I was. 1.) Parents who were ill informed of the needs of deaf/hard of hearing child and 2.) Parents who were likely not aware of their rights to fight for a fair education for their child within the public school system. 3.) Not exposing their deaf/hard of hearing child to a deaf culture or at least considering a role model who was deaf/hard of hearing who understood the positions and points of view of the student and is better equipped to advocate the educational needs of the deaf/hard of hearing student.

Although I do not have the necessary educational credentials to enter the educational field of work, I will however seek to obtain those credentials and use my personal experience to help advocate for a fair education under a Bill of Rights for Deaf Children.