Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wow - what a coincidence or wait - God's back from His vacation!

Ok to give you a quick rundown, I joined a weight loss group at church (and yes it is church based) and there are mostly older women there - actually Im the youngest one in the group - with only one other woman in my age range there.

Well me and her are in the same Sunday school class but everytime I try to be nice to her it is like she brushes me off like I am not worth her time or in some cases - I shouldnt even be there. I can't understand why or even how - but that's the vibe Ive been getting from her like she wants nothing do with me.

So I dont worry about it anymore right? No problem. Time goes on and to be honest I had been getting this same reaction from her for such a long time that I start thinking - man she's a stuck up @#$%^! Still no problem, but then she begins to treat me as stupid in a sense - ha- no more, I start poking back at her. And up to this point its quite obvious to others that we clearly do not like each other for whatever reason (and Im not even sure what the reason is either!)

So I joined this group and oh my she's in it too! I thought OK thats fine, I can deal with this. Then she parades around that she's lost the most weight - and Im quietly flogging myself for failing and having gained weight rather than lost it. (feminine problems)

Then come time to pick a partner for the week at random - and UGH its HER! I thought oh boy this is one of those times where it seems like its pulled directly from one of those cheesy Chicken Soup for the Soul books. You get partnered with someone you really dont like but in the end you become really good friends, yeah one of those things. I thought OK fine - thats not a problem.

Well I didnt have her address or phone number so I wasnt able to get in contact with her and I actually felt kinda bad - I guess I could of asked for it from one her friends but I felt silly just thinking about it. So I did the next best thing - I prayed for her.

Then I saw her again this past week - it seems like she's started to warm up a bit (but not by much! lol)

And I checked the mail today - I got a card - yup you guessed it, it was from her.

Now I will say this - she cant be doing the bare minimum - because she could have just as easily sent a cheesy e-card. But she sent an actual card, I was like wow - something's going on here and Im really liking it! It also threw me off because I got an e-card from another person in the group and thought they drew my name from the pile. (not that it's any less appreciated - it made me grin!) And the fact that she's doing more for me than I did for her speaks volumes. Now that we have the names and addresses of the folks in the group listed on paper - I can return the favor and hope I get a chance to get it right when I get put with her again.

Are we friends? Nope. Are we accquaintenances? A little more. Are we human? We're getting there. I just hope that maybe we can get to the point that there isnt a block of ice between us at least.

But thats more than mysterious coincidence - I think God's back from His vacation, lol.