Sunday, January 20, 2008

Coming Out:

But not what you think!

It really is sad that parents would be in denial that their child may be deaf. When this occurs the child grows up not feeling valid for this reason because the parents dont feel the the child has a valid problem, and we all know that children seek out validity from their parents.

It is my hope that this video brings out a certain awareness that this can and sometimes does occur in real life situations. Hopefully with more deaf awareness going on, things like this would not be necessary.


Geo said...

LMAO.. that is so hilarious!! I loved this video! How did you find it? I wonder if the whole Deaf community know about this video?


DixieDawg said...

This was posted on the discussion forum under Pictures and Videos.

Lighthouse said...

/very hilariously/great video/also good looking guy actor/mom is great communicate with him in somewhere/