Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Year's Resolution number one: Resolve to keep my one resolution!

Ok so the new year has arrived and with it, hopes and dreams of doing things better in 2008.

Along with millions of others across the globe I have made the resolution to lose weight this year. And Ive been doing my homework. Studies show that people who are a part of a support group during a weight loss or diet are 20% more likely to lose the weight and 10% more likely to keep it off rather than gain it all back.

So with all of that said - - I have joined a weight loss group in hopes of finding the needed local support to lose weight. Only problem is I am off to a really bad start! I have been doing the bookwork and reading part just fine its the eating and excercise parts that are hard.

You see with my work schedule it is very hard to actually fit in the recommended meals they provide in the diet plan, and after work Im often so pooped from being on my feet all day that Im too exhausted to excercise.

But Im trying. Ive been using this first week to really take note of my eating habits and see where I can exchange for something better.

And as for excercise I plan on asking from the group if someone would be willing to be my walking buddy 2-3 days a week after work, and the other two days I can do my own routine such as dancing to eurodance music in the living room for an hour.

I really do want to lose weight I am now at the point that I simply do not look attractive in anything! To put it bluntly to have clothes that I feel comfortable in, I shop from the men's section since none of the ladies pants fit me properly (appearently short people cant be fat either!), and the tops do nothing except expose all of my unsightly rolls! There's nothing more embarrassing to see than a fat lady that looks like she's trying to be a hoochie momma! Im talking fat rolls hanging out along with the Hanes underwear where the low rise jeans dont rise high enough and you see nothing but crack and maybe a black hole when the woman sits down.

Now before all you jump on me, I know not every fat person is like this, but when I do see the occassional fat person dressing in this fashion, I cant help but feel disgusted because Im seeing things I dont wanna see and the person either A doesnt realize how ridiculous they look or B they dont care how ridiculous they look.

So for now my wardrobe is limited to jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, button shirts, and polos. The only real accessory I have are my hats in which I have one for nearly every occassion. (MPW hat, Avery hat, AE hat, EMS hat, Corona hat, and beanie)

I dont dress butch but rather I dress according to my own styles, like for instance black pants, burgundy shirt makes a good church outfit, and later the same burgundy button up can be paired with a matching sweater with steel grey accents and denim jeans for a more casual look.

I really do care about how I look. When Im going somewhere besides work I'll spen 20 minutes in the mirror perfecting my 'messy hair' until I get it just right.

But I just wish I were more in proportion to my height meaning Im at my ideal weight for my hieght so that I can expand on my wardrobe instead of wearing the same things over and over until I find something new that fits.

But for now my main resolution is resolving to keep my resolution about losing weight.

Wish me luck!