Saturday, October 13, 2007

Funny things I 'hear'.

So I was talking to some of my deaf friends online the other day and the topic of discussion turned to funny misunderstandings. Some of them were quite humorus, others just leave you with a good grin on your face.

So I will start with my own that I can remember over the years:
I was about nine or ten at the time; my mother and I were driving to my grandparents house for Sunday dinner when I noticed a new building in Belleville. So I asked my mother casually. "Mum, whats going in there?"

"Oh a Lesbian Appliance Store.."
"Did you just say Lesbian Appliance store?"
"WHAT?! I didnt say Lesbian Appliance, I said GIL-ES-PEE'S Appliance store!"

Another funny one of my own from a few years back:
I was about the same age, maybe younger when I was spending the night at my cousin's house when we were laying on the pallet of blankets in the floor in the dark when she whispered something in my ear and I said could you repeat that please I couldnt hear you over the fan. And she whispered again and I still couldnt hear her. Then I said - You dummy, no wonder I can't hear you! That's my broke ear!

I would share the funny ones from other people, but I want their permission first before posting as some may not want the stories repeated online too many times.

So if you're a reader and want to share your story and have it posted, feel free to email me at or leave a comment in the comment box if you have a blogger account if not, just email me and I will get yours posted.

I will do a follow up on this post once I receive submissions. Send in your funny misunderstandings of what people have said to you, deaf, hh, or hearing.