Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Wow, another Valentine's Day has come and gone and while you're wondering if I received any flowers the answer is no I did not. But dont worry, I dont feel like Im missing out on anything. I had flowers sent to my daughter today at her school and the smile on her face when she sees those is enough of a Valentine's gift for me.

Now for my honest opinion - Valentine's Day is overrated. Its not that I hate it or that I dont believe in true love, its just the fact that you have all these people who have their love and they are sent flowers, chocolates and what have you not, then you have those who dont get anything and they would just like to know that someone cares. So what did I do for Valentine's Day besides giving some flowers to my daughter?

I gave my time to some Tornado victims here in the state who have nothing. How? I went to Wal-Mart and loaded my shopping cart with all sorts of clothes, toys, baby essentials such as diapers, bottles, formulas, clothes, etc. My friend Erica who was with me nearly flipped when she saw the total. I told her the total price isnt what matters, its the fact that your'e giving something to someone who needs it is more important. Yeah I had orginally planned on keeping that hard earned money for myself to use for a down payment on a new truck but I decided, nah, someone needs it worse than I do. So I took my loaded down cart to the front of the store where a National Gaurdsman was waiting beside an 18-wheeler trailer to load the items. I told him load everything up. And I took my empty shopping cart back to the cart corral.

But you know what, although my pockets and my truck were empty, my heart felt full of joy knowing that the items were going to be used by someone who needed them. This is what Valentine's Day should be about. Giving something of yourself to a worthwhile cause, not the biggest balloons or the fanciest bouquet of flowers. You dont have to necessarily donate to a recent cause. You can do something by going and visiting a shut-in in your community or offering some of your time for a neighbor who needs help completing a project. Just anything - it lets someone know that someone no matter how small that somone - that somebody else cares. You dont have to be famous or have deep pockets to do this. This is something anyone can do.

Dont have neighbors or a lover? Then donate your time to animals by helping at an animal shelter or purchasing needed items for them to use such as food, blankets, crates etc. Im a big animal lover especially for Labrador Retrievers. If you have a really heart for a specific breed or animal then donate some of your time or change to a rescue that specializes in that, your helping an animal in need.

So to all of my friends out there - I hope your having a wonderful Valentine's Day and if you're feeling left out remember that at least I care so you can't say that no one cares!