Sunday, February 24, 2008

Free At Last! DEBT Free At Last Thank God I am DEBT Free at last!

Yesterday I sent off my final payment for my student loan - I feel so ridiculous with these things. I went to university for only one year and it has taken me nearly 5 years to pay off the bill.

While Im happy that Im debt free surely there has got to be a better way to complete a college education without having to go into serious debt to do so. This is almost as expensive as buying a house. While not everyone should complete a degree - it is however becoming increasingly more difficult for those who are ready for university to complete their degrees. Often they run out of money before completing their degrees and end up working factory jobs for several years paying off the bills before being able to return, some simply never return despite their longing and desire to return and finish what was started.

Its also becoming easier for those NOT ready for college level course-work to enter college, this doesnt add up, this doesnt make sense.

I wish the government could step in and put a cap on the price tag of a college education for certain universities where tuition has increased dramatically - this can be done for state colleges, but not so for private universities which receive their funding from private donations (often from ridiculously rich alumni and tuition paid by the families of trust fund students).

What also bugs me is the fact that many students entering college are shying away from the educational field primarily because when they sit down and do the math they realize they cannot effectively be independent upon graduation because the educational system does not pay teachers well enough despite the heavy burden placed on them and the overwhelming amout of paperwork and student track reports required for each individual student. Teaching is no longer the main job of being a teacher, its now more of a side requirement with paperwork taking up the majority of the time spent at work. Alot of would-be educators are now considering options such as law-school, management positions at certain buisnesses, or even blue collar factory work, simply because for the amount of hours worked, it pays better.

I myself, have given much consideration of entering the educational field to work with deaf/hoh students, but I may also want to teach at post-secondary level institutions. At that level I can teach and share information with students who are willing to learn. I have also considered mass communication and media relations as an option given my love for the written word.

No matter which route I am led to take - I do hope to complete a bachelor's degree as well as obtaining a master's degree.

But before all of that can take place - there is one thing left to do - I have to buy me a new truck! ;)


Michelle said...

Hi! Found your blog today. I went to a private Christian college, and my husband and I will be paying them back til we die! LOL I feel your pain.

DixieDawg said...

I know I think on averge you end up paying student loans for about 10 to 15 years depending on the type of aid you received and what college you went to. But hopefully in the end its worth it.