Sunday, March 2, 2008

New web cam!

Hey guys I have just bought a new web cam, after having much trouble with the last web cam. The problem was I tried installing it but the drivers would not take on my Vista OS. So I boxed it up and *attempted* to return it.

This is how it went: I went in and took it to customer service, then the lady said we had to take it back to electronics where they had to approve it. Well we get back there and we had to wait 10 minutes to get seen, finally someone comes to the register. Then I told him why I was returning it, then he said take it back to customer service, I thought WTF? They sent us all the way back here for that?

So I went back to customer service then the lady says 'Well for you to return this and get a gift card in exchage for it we need some ID.' I lost it right there, I wasnt about to start playing their game. I just looked at the lady and said - Dammit Ive walked all over this store trying to return this to get my money back and now your'e sending me back out the store for my ID? FORGET IT, I dont think you need my money that badly anyway, here's the cam do what you want to with it, I dont care, its a piece of shit anyway.' Then I gathered my daughter up, got the few things we actually needed and left. Needless to say I will not be returning to that Wal-mart and please heed this note:
NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING ELECTRONIC FROM WAL-MART. Because it may not work, and when you do try to return it for a refund they make you jump through flaming hoops to do so, making you feel criminal in the process. The camera was tagged as legit Wal-Mart merchandise at the front door when I had to check it in for a return, it showed the purchase price shelf code, everything. You should be able to return it if it checks out that it's a legitimate product that the company carries.

But now I have since purchased a new camera from Staples, an entirely different store, and its a Logitch - an entirely different brand as well. And this time I checked for the 'Vista certified' sticker on the box to ensure that it would work, I have carefully kept the reciept and the box and all pieces in case I need to return it for whatever reason.

So in the future maybe I wil have some vlogs to share with you. Right now its 12:48 am and Im ready to start watching the insides of my eyelids for a while. Have a good day and I hope I will have more to post about in the future.