Monday, March 17, 2008

Strange & Stupid News. Tsk-tsk....

This is the closest humans have come to building a Death Star on earth:
Ryoungang Hotel - the world's ugliest building......
Worst Hotel Ever Be sure to watch the You Tube videos in the link. Whoever the videographer was in the first video is damn lucky.

Woman sits on boyfriend's toilet for more than 2 years.
Something ain't right here folks. The man and woman BOTH have got some issues they need to work out. Thank goodness they didnt breed.
MSNBC Health - Woman sits on toilet for two years

The Houston Chronicle - Man whose girlfriend sat on his toilet for two years being charged.

I personally find this humorous yet repulsive at the same time. Anyone of a sound mind would think to call EMS after she had locked herself in the bathroom for 2-3 days. There are two things possible here: 1. he was grossly negligent in hoping the problem would resolve itself by ignoring the signs of squalid living conditions. OR 2. he simply wasnt of sound mind either to make a rational decision but instead did what he thought was best, by enabling her to stay in the bathroom for so long that she now suffers permanent physical and emotional damage. But before charging the boyfriend with anything he needs to undergo a mental evaluation to determine if he understood what he was doing or if he did not understand. If this goes to court that's going to be the evidence they are looking - was he of sound mind to make a rational decision? Without an evaluation by an outside 3rd party neither side can prove their case on whether or not the man should be charged.

Sad world we live in eh?