Friday, March 21, 2008

This is the saddest thing:

No words could ever express what the father of this beautiful little girl must feel. This is likened to having his heart ripped out and thrown in the dirt.

Sadly, I do know children who are being abused right now, verbally, emotionally, mentally, sometimes physically. The saddest part - I see these children on a regular basis and nothing I can do as our Child Protective services don't take family reports of abuse as seriously because it might just be a 'family dispute'.

I pray that an intervention comes through to save these children who suffer abuse and torture at the hands of the very people that are to care for them and to give them life.

Why can't our Child Protective agencies do their jobs? Is there too much bureaucracy? Is there too much politics? Or is it maybe because the ones making the protocols are the ones that never deal with these cases everyday. Sad, so sad.