Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Anything and Nothing

I've been in sort of a funk lately in regards to my spirits. It's like Ive been muted emotionally. There are several things to chalk it up to, but mainly it is because of a person that is so irritating that it actually stresses you out just thinking about them. I have one of these people at work. Every morning I walk into work to start the day and automatically they are within three inches of my face. On Monday of this week, I was assigned a different workstation for the day due to absentee workers and I felt relieved to actually have been moved from one side of the building to the other to get away from this certain person.

No, this wasn't enough to keep them at bay. They came to me on their break and searched me out to converse with me. For a normal person just wanting a quick chat about something actually important it wouldn't be so bad. BUT this person was standing so close to me, I was moving over a few inches to gain a little bit of space. But everytime I moved to the left a few inches, the person in question also moves over to the left a few inches. Eventually I was wedged between the machine and a lug of product (wet raw product mind you). My right foot was on the edge of the footstand, and my left foot was on the foot of the machine. I finally got to the point I could not move over anymore so I started leaning over a bit. Finally this person said they gotta go but not without a slap to the back. If this was a significant other, I really would have not minded the bonus opportunity to cuddle a bit but when it's someone you try to avoid - it's very abrasive I guess you could say.

If this person was given the chance they would spend all day every day with me and fry my brain quite thoroughly. It is bad enough I have to spend 8 hours a day with them - but 24, 48, forever? No thanks, I'll pass on that.

Short of elbowing them sharply in the diaphragm, does anyone out there have a suggestion in dealing with this type of person?

I try to be nice, and nicely drop hints but this person is simply not getting it. I wish I had my spine when I need it most when I could just tell this person off and be done with it. But oh no this person is the type that needs to be handled delicately. Yup that kind.

So with the thought of that I have started thinking about 'getting away'. If it weren't for the financial reasons - I would be far from here living my life in London. Yes London. Im a Brit at heart despite my Southern American upbringing.

My style of clothes clearly depict that inward Brit. I consider myself Southern with a touch of English delicacy thrown in. In recent months I have come to realize that clothes do matter, and I like clothes that are made beautifully. Like, used to I would be content in jeans and a t-shirt and maybe flip-flops. As late as 3 years ago, my style was maniac like you really couldn't figure out what I was trying to do. But to be honest most days I would roll out of bed and throw on the nearest thing that smelt clean and went out.

Now - I stil do the same for my work clothes, but for my going out clothes it's different. For instance right now I am wearing a light blue tuxedo shirt underneath a black Beatles t-shirt, with the blue shirt tucked in. Along with that are a pair of dark colored khaki pants (Levi's) and a pair of leather oxfords in brown. I have it nicely accented with a watch that has a wide leather strap but the face sits over the strap rather than between two seperate straps (which I refer to as 'traditional timewear') - the stlye is contemporary I guess you could say. I top it off with a plaid ballcap from American Eagle or style up my hair in a messy but clearly meant to be that way sort of look.

My wardrobe is stil undergoing a renovation though - but Im finding that more times than not my choosings from the store have an English look to them whether it is leather oxfords, a sweater, or a Beatles t-shirt - but the way it is put together however is American.

While we are on the thought of England - I have a travel map I inserted (hoping this will work) to show you where I have been in the Lower 48 states and where I want to visit in those states and abroad.