Sunday, April 20, 2008

Truck Shopping Day 1

Yesterday was day one of truck shopping. We found not one or two of what I was looking for, but four of them. One of the models we looked at was a supernice 2004 model SporTrac, XLT edition, cloud white in color and very few miles. Asking price $19,995 - way outside my budget range - but the sting of the price was enough to turn me off to it.

Second model was a 2001 SporTrac, metallic tan in color 97000 miles on the sucker and not to mention a few dings and dongs in the body. It is obviously used but not abused. Asking price is $6,995. Very affordable - we are looking at monthly payments of less than $200 a month for 30 months. Considering the damage Ive done to my current vehicle I can live with a few dings and dongs and high mileage. I test drove it and it runs smoother and is perfectly aligned unlike what I have, but it's stuff I can live with if need be.

The third one is one that the dealership has not yet put out on the lot for sale yet, but rather one theyve had for about 2-3 days and are waiting to have it detailed and checked before it goes on the lot, normal car dealership stuff, but I am going to keep an eye out for that one for the next week or two.

The fourth one we we looked at was a 2005 SporTrac, black in color, 35000 miles, asking price is $18,500 - sales tax paid. It was very clean and very few dings and dongs but one problem, the battery was dead in it. That right there put some red flags up Im tempted though thinking I can get the dealer to replace the battery but it could be more than just the battery so Im mentally pinching myself everytime I think about it. I dont want a lemon on my hands.

So far that is what we have found and the one we are looking the closest at is the 2001 tan color model going for $6,995. We have already made an offer but we are going to let them sit on it for a day or two and see what happens next. Dad will be contacting them about it tomorrow.

My heart isnt set on anything yet until I find an exceptionally good deal that would be ludicrous to pass up. We have also looked on the Internet as well as newspaper ads and I have suckered an uncle into looking around Little Rock for me. Hopefully in one of these avenues something will turn up.

I will continue to keep the progress posted as we go along.