Friday, April 25, 2008

New Truck

Yes that is correct I have purchased a new truck. I settled on the gold 2001 SporTrac and it is nice! I paid $3,000 USD down and my monthly payments are $145 USD a month for 30 months. Not a bad deal! Not only that I traded my green monster in for $200 USD from the dealer and this is the sad part - the dealer said "It would cost more to fix it that what it is worth." and I agree with him 100%. While the green monster was pretty beat up she was more reliable than she looked. The sad part? Her blue book value was less than what I make a week at work.

Pic of the green monster the only one I have on photobucket:

And photos of my new ride: a 2001 Ford SporTrac

I am very happy with it. It handles well and rides very smooth. I love the bed extension as well as the power point in the truck bed, the power windows and even the back glass is automatic. It is an automatic v6 engine and gets 21 mpg, not bad for a sport utility truck or SUT. I love everything about it. I have gotten compliments on it ranging from cute, sweet, and sexy which is giving me mental visions of a Victoria's Secret model, lol. Now that I have a vacation coming up the week of May 26th I will have some time to enjoy my new ride. Im very proud of it.