Sunday, April 6, 2008

Drama and more drama

IF you are a member of forums you probably know what this post is about. Now I admit I am not one that likes to post about 'he said she said junior high' type drama, but because this seems to be the highlight of everyone's day why not?

A year ago myself and others had sent donation money to AllDeaf to help make improvements and to keep it running. However one member has gone to say that the donated money was used to purchase a Les Paul guitar. The fact that we sent him money and he comes up with Les Paul guitar isnt necessarily evidence of fraud, however if the money he sent was never used towards the forum and instead used for personal recreation then that would be where the problem lies. That just means the person I sent my money to for a donatio towards the forum was not a good steward of the trust placed in them. There is no way of proving or disproving this theory. If its a false claim thats what it is, a false claim and nothing more.

In the last 12 months there has been alot of drama going on behind the scenes that I and other members were not aware of. I knew that the AllDeaf Caucus and the AllDeaf cruise had been cancelled 'due to not enough money raised'. I never really had any serious intentions of attending either one due to my personal financial limitations - I simply could not afford it. That was fine with me. I wished everyone who were able to go a good time.

Appearently someone was stuck with a large bill. When I heard about this I felt bad, but I did nothing nor did I say anything because I did not want to become involved in the mess.

Well recently Alex posted a thread that there would be additions made to the moderating team, three new mods were introduced after much waiting then just like that 3 other mods were abruptly demoted and banned. No warning, no idea that anything was going on, just poof and they were no more.

I received an email tha AD ( had come 'under attack' and that it was dubbed 'Black Wednesday' You may find more on this here: DreamDeaf's Blog.

After reading the vlog's, blogs, posts, and chats with other members I have concluded that this was all over a $100.00 debt. $100.00?!?! Come on! There are worse things to have a fit about. Sure $100 is $100. In buisness you just have to take a loss and move on. Nothing more.

It sounds to me like all of this could have been avoided had someone take better records of finances. All of this could have been avoided had someone just let it go and not hold on to a grudge for so long that it has allowed them to become bitter. All of this could have been avoided had someone just realized that you are going to have to take some losses in life and just move on.

In the meantime I am not going to take sides as I feel that I have not yet gotten the complete story from all sides. When I do I will then decide my future on


BlondeCheri said...

I can understand where you are coming from, if you are interesting to hear my side of the story, check out my blogging