Monday, April 7, 2008

I'll Bet He Was Cool

The other day while listening to this song on the iPod via the car stereo I got to thinking - what would Jesus be like today?

Darren Hayes took a funny twist on that - but I can honestly see Jesus doing some of that.

Darren asks "What would happen if He just passed you by?
Would you be scared?
Would you believe in Him?
Or would bust your asses to get him institutionalized?"

What would I do? Hmm Id would probably turn into a teenaged girl again, point at Him and say "OMG - Its JESUS!", and then fall over flat. LOL.

Would I be scared? Probably not since He comes in peace - at least for me anyway.

Would I believe in Him - I'd be pinching myself or having my occipitals checked but yeah I would believe in Him!

Would I try to get Him institutionalized? Well if I didnt know I was looking at Jesus then yeah I would probably think he's just another religous nut walking down the street and would be better served in the State Hospital. We have alot of religious nutcases walking around today claiming to be Jesus, so Im hoping he can differentiate himself from the rest of them or risk being put in jail.

Would he wear Tommy Hilfiger or Urban Outfitter? No, I dont think so, both of those are outdated and so 90's. Would he like Gaultier? Them high-dollar threads, yep! Who wouldn't? But knowing Jesus, we would never find him in that, but he'd like it if he tried it.

Would he be good looking? Uhh as the son of the most beautiful Man in the universe, uhm hands down He'd be way better looking than George or Brad. Would he smell divine? Well I dont know but Im not sure if Jesus would be the type to wear cologne, but if he did what would He wear? I know what he wouldnt wear and thats anything by Britney! HA!

Would He movie star? I think so - but one of those that donates to charities and spends time in 3rd world countries during vacations - kind of like a male counterpart Angelina Jolie. I can see Him adopting kids from the worst situations in the poorest countries. I can see Him working in soup kitchens to bring awareness to the homeless problem in developed countries. I can see Him working as an ambassador to end the violence in the Middle East.

He was a celebrity in His heyday - what makes anyone think He wouldn't be celebrity now? At least He would be one of those sane celebrities, the ones you never read about in the grocery store tabloids.

What would it feel like to stand next to Him? Darren compared it to standing next to Elvis Presley - but Elvis is dead and not returning. I think standing next to Jesus would be like standing next to Hillary Clinton but multiply that feeling by one million. Everyone knows Hillary, not everyone likes her, but most people wouldn't mind meeting her just for the simple fact she's something of celebrity.

Yeah I bet He was cool. Can't wait to see Him in this life.