Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Ive had a flashback to 1989 today whilst picking up my DD from school today. I noticed a friend of mine from my school years was there picking up her two kids. I rarely see her as our schedules and pick up times are usually quite different but today we run into each other as we occassionally do. I noticed another girl in her car that looked vaguely familiar so I asked - "Who's your friend?" My classmate replied - "Oh that's Misty."


This Misty is my best friend from Kindergarten, my first friend that I made while riding the school bus. I offered her a seat and we clicked from then on. Unfortunately in 1995 tragedy struck as her great-grandmother who had been raising her and her younger brother from birth passed away. She then moved to her mother's house and in 1996 she transferred to another school. I have not seen her since 1996 - 12 YEARS!

I had seen her a previous week or two earlier at Taco Bell and thought to myself - 'That girl looks familiar but cant quite put my finger on it.' Then today BOOM. I was shocked as I had occassionally thought of her and wondered how her life turned out and after so many years just figured she probably wouldnt return to the area. I thought wrong evidently.

Right now I am trying to get us three girls together for a night to catch up over dinner. It has been ages since we three were able to sit down and talk. Wow. Time flies.