Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Neon Bird

Some of you may have noticed the neon bird widget at the footer of this page, if you haven't scroll down to the bottom for a moment to take a peek. It is a countdown ticker for a DVD release of Darren Hayes' 'Time Machine Tour'.

But you mostly notice the neon bird, the origami crane which is the main theme for the entire album and DVD series for this go around. (For the record he is possibly working on some new stuff, but nothing for sure yet, just a mention of being in between albums on his blog.)

Well if you go to www.neonbird.com, you can learn how to make an origami swan. (I have made a trio of them ranging from large to small.)

Darren has decided to launch an experiment of random kindness, and your left wondering what does origami have anything to do with kindness?

Well in ancient Japanese tradition, the unfolding of paper releases a wish to be fullfilled.

What you are supposed to do is, get some square paper and write a wish on it for a friend, a relative, or a random person. Then follow the instructions on neonbird.com on how to properly fold it. Once you have folded it, write 'A wish for you' on one of the wings then leave your swan in random places, mail it, leave it at their door step, office desk, anywhere. You can even directly hand them to their reciepients as a small gift.

I will continue practicing on a few more until I have gotten perfection with them. Once I am satisfied, I will purchase origami paper from a craft store then make several to send to the people I care about.

I will post photos of them before delivering them.

Also if you want to take part in the neon bird version, be sure to write 'www.neonbird.com' somewhere on the swan so that they will visit and hopefully 'register' their swans with th site.

There is nothing quite like seeing the smile of someones face when they receive a random act of kindness. This is just one unique way of saying/doing so. Be sure to check back for pictures in the next day or so.