Thursday, May 29, 2008

Im back from Texas!

Yes I have returned from Texas and I am glad to be back home, back in my own comfy bed. Ahhhh!

We planned to return today, but not in the way expected. One of my mates got sick due to some sort of airborne bug that gives you a VERY upset stomach and you're going from both ends. Well she stayed behind in Texas while me, my DD, and my friend's mom came back to AR. My friend's mom is headed back to Texas as we speak and will call in the morning to let me know she made it OK. I wouldve stayed, but

1.) I did not want me nor my DD to get sick from this bug.

2.) I was getting restless from having spent only 1 day out and about, the rest of the time was spent loafing or sleeping. Stuff I could have easily done at home. Im not pleased with the vacation overall.

3.) I was more than ready to get away from the controlling mother. (not me).

I did enjoy the time I was able to get out, but I just feel like Ive been used as a means to take someone else on vacation rather than getting a vacation of my own. I doubt I will ever return to this part of Texas given the circumstances and the interesting information Ive received and the things I have seen.

So I will simply put a list of photos here for you to view:

An old Victorian-era style house that is now a Bed & Breakfast.
Zoom of the lion's head on the B&B.
My DD and I posing on the train at the train museum.
An old stagecoach hotel in Denison, and yes it has actually been there since stagecoach times.
The photo of the train at the train museum.

Denison's official welcome sign.
My DD posing whilst outside playing with the other kids.
Another pose, this time in grayscale or B&W.
A really good Willie Nelson look-alike.
Logo of the local depot on the side of a train at the train museum.
President Dwight D. Eisenhower's birthplace. As you can see it is well protected from terrorists with a wooden fence, some bushes, and OMG even a chain-link fence! LOL.
Life size sculpture of a full grown horse.
Deer are the same size as real deer.
Life-size sculpture of a buffalo.

I wish I had more exciting bits to share, but sadly due to circumstances I do not. Maybe next year's vacation will be better.