Monday, May 19, 2008

What to pack in carry-on and what to pack for the luggage??

Ah 3 days til the day of departure. Its not so much that I dont have enough luggage for everything its just the sorting out what needs to be packed in a carry-on bag for the cab and what needs to go in the luggage in the truck bed.

I have since invest $10.00 USD for a device that is basically a backpack for your seat and the person in the back seat has access to it. Why? Because I need to take several things that will keep my DD occupied for those lulls in conversation during a road trip. I will have her coloring books and some crayons, an activity set, as well as some short picture books for reading. No movies, no DVD player, nada. I dont want her growing up feeling like she has to constantly be plugged into something to feel human. (I honestly feel robotic when I'm running around work wearing my iPod.)

I will be taking the laptop in order to provide a daily summary of events whenever possible as well as uploading photos to share. My problem is this: with the small icechest in the cab between the back seat and the transom, my Sony DSC-H7 Camera (It is a full-size camera, not a wimpy P&S)in the bag of course with its accessories and a spare memory stick. My tripod, my laptop and its accessories, plus the overly priced, overy done 'auto safety kit' I absolutely had to buy (not my idea folks) when I could have put one together myself for less than half the price of the one I bought. Sometimes those package deals arent such good deals after all.

Where and how am I going to fit all of this in? These are items I dont feel safe just leaving in the bed of my truck- these are high dollar valuables I have worked my tail off for. Well I can easily leave the safety kit in the truck bed and not worry, I mean who is going to steal a safety kit anyway? Mr. Safety?

Right now - I'm trying to figure out how to get all of my needed laundry done so that come Thursday night all I have to do is pack and gather essential items and toss it in the back of the cab before I go to bed so that I am all set for Friday morning. Get up go to work, volunteer out, come home change out of my work clothes, change into travel clothes, get gas, get my mates, cash our checks, get my DD, then were off.