Sunday, May 18, 2008


OK Today begins the countdown to my road trip to Texas. We are planning to leave Friday morning, and Friday afternoon at the latest. We are headed to the Witchita Falls area of TX, specifically the suburbs of Denison. The vehicle of choice is my 2001 Ford SporTrac, dubbed, 'Bubba'. So any future references of the SporTrac will simply be 'Bubba'.

The overall driving time will be around 8 hours so it will be done straight through, with one major stop in De Queen, AR for a late lunch or dinner, again depending on the departure time.

I will try to keep the blog updated throughout the trip, from the countdown to the departure day as well as the trip itself. I will include vlogs and photos where possible using my Sony DSC-H7.

Until the next entry I leave you with a link of some tourism information of the area I will be visiting.

City of Denison, TX.